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There’s something I can do naturally  to 
eliminate my Psoriasis and Eczema. I LIKE THAT

About Facial Flushing

What is Facial Flushing?

Facial flushing is a symptom that is best described as a hot flushing of the skin making the neck and other parts of the body to turn red. In a majority of cases, a sense of anxiety, embarrassment, stress, or anger or something as minor as a change in temperature can bring about redness in the face. Normally this blushing should only last a couple of seconds or minutes, but for those suffering severe facial flushing, the flush could remain for a much longer period of time. This can cause a decrease in confidence and increased stress, which affects the activities of daily life.

There’s something I can do naturally  to 
eliminate my Psoriasis and Eczema. I LIKE THAT


(Disclaimer: The ratings and comments below contain personal opinions regarding one of our Dr.Deep's Skincare products. Each review was written by the person who used the product. Dr,Deep's Skincare products are not marketed or intended to be used for the prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or to affect the structure/function of the face or body. It is expressly agreed that, the following photos and reviews do not guarantee any specific results and results of using the product may vary by person. Dr.Deep is skin care product brand made with natural ionized mineral water & herb which helps improve skin conditions )

What causes Facial Flushing?

Although there are many factors that cause facial flushing, the key factor is to thin or damage the skin barrier. Such damage makes it much harder for the skin barrier to recover after the reddening of the face caused by any reason.

A common mistake is the excessive use of topical corticosteroids (steroid creams), or ointments for acne treatments which exfoliates the skin.

How to treat/prevent Facial Flushing

The key to facial flushing management is controlling the main causes of facial flushing like stress and emotional distress mentioned above. We recommend washing the face with lukewarm water rather than cold or hot water as changes in temperature can trigger flushing. For facial foaming cleansers or cosmetics,

we suggest products that do not include alcohol, artificial preservatives (like paraben), and synthetic perfumes. Milder is better in the minimizing irritation of the skin. Keeping the skin in top shape by moisturizing as well as strengthening the skin barrier is as crucial as well.

Dr. Deep’s recommendation

Here are some of Dr. Deep’s products that moisturize the skin from the inside out to boost the skin barrier without irritating it.

All-in-one Cleanser: Dr. Deep’s all-in-one cleanser is a natural foaming cleanser used to hydrate skin while removing makeup to prevent irritation. It is recommended to massage the face gently with foam for best results.

Pure Snail Moisture Essence Mask Sheet: Natural snail mucin extract with natural minerals works wonders by replenishing moisture to soothe irritated and flushed skin. Apply a mask sheet every two to three days after washing your face in the evening for 20 minutes.

Aqua Wrinkle Cream: The natural minerals in the cream helps moisturizing from deep inside the skin. Apply a fair amount of cream in the morning and evening and massage into the face for best results.

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