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"UNICEF is driving force that helps the local community and each household stand up on their own two feet, In order to improve the current terrible situations children around the world face from the long term perspective. We support the guardians of children and residents in the local community are trained to have enough capabilities to manage the pump and the well set up for providing clean water. Additionally, we supporting them to help them maintain a well-balanced diet and practice disease prevention in each household."

UNICEF is the driving force in local communities that help struggling households all around the world. Focusing on the unfortunate situations many children around the world face, they are a major help to families in need.

CLWMF helps contribute with rescue missions for dying refugees who suffer from illness and starvation across the African continent. More than a million lives have been taken in Rwanda in tragic genocide which makes it crucial for CLWMF to help out in any way it can.

YMCA is a Christian mission community and the organization of a social reform movement. We are devoted to helping human-beings and the world to extricate themselves from difficult circumstances and at the same time to create better hope for an optimistic future.
Also, we have emphasized the importance of historical responsibility, the creation of an alternative culture and the sharing of love and practicing social justice.

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